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Watearth provides specialized services for sustainable stormwater / water management, hydrology and hydraulics, green infrastructure, and water resources projects. Our clients include governmental and military agencies; residential, site, and industrial developers; non-profit organizations; parks and public land organizations; and other consultants (landscape architects, architects, general civil engineers, and environmental specialists). We thrive on multi-disciplinary teams and offer a broad array of services related to water, including:

Criteria Manuals for Water, Wastewater, Drainage, and LID
Detention and Downstream Impacts
Expert Witness Services
Flood Control
Green Infrastructure
Hydrology and Hydraulics
Integrated Water Systems Management
Low Impact Development (LID)
Master Plans for LID, Stormwater, Water, and Wastewater
Stormwater Quality and BMPs
Stream Stability
Sustainable Stormwater Management
Sustainable Water Management (Grey + Rain)
Treatment Wetlands
Watershed Studies